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Larry Holihan

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Attached are financial for April 2019.

The money needed to retire the mortgage as of May 16 is about $176,992.
We received $2,592 in the Reduction fund in April.

Our electric bill for April was $756. (Good! But May bill has returned to over $1,000. I have asked the electric company for a rate review to discover ways to reduce this bill.

A bill for $14,879 for a security system was paid in April. All of the income for this project was donated by a member.

We will be starting a mortgage reduction campaign beginning July 1 and ending in Feb or March next year. The goal will be go eliminate the mortgage by the end of year 2000. We may not make it, but it is a good goal. I am setting up a $150,000 goal. We already are close to $15,000 better than that so we will show some progress when we first put up the chart. I am ordering two charts to be displayed in sanctuary. image attached.


We still do not have electronic files of our finances from our previous bookkeeper. Recommend aggressive action to accomplish this.

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