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The financials for August 2019 are attached.

Church Mortgage balance as of August 1, 2019 was $174,630.05.

At the end of August monies available for A/C upgrades and/or Building reduction totaled:

Bldg Fund – $18,120
Major Bldg Repairs – $ 9,868
Capital Fund – $ 2,670
TOTAL $30,658

Income in the General Fund in August was not enough to cover August expenses. However, a surplus from earlier months covered this loss.

The Altar Fund is in a negative position for the first time this year. Money from the General Fund (Worship:Florist) was used to cover this loss.

Pam Brosonski conducted an audit of the finances this month. A report will be forthcoming. One major deficiency she noted involved improper procedures in counting weekly offerings: two people are required to count funds each week, funds must be counted on church premises, and signatures affirming the deposits need to be on deposit summaries.


The deficiencies noted above were corrected as of September 8 2019.

A meeting to discuss the 2019 budget will be held on Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 pm at the church.. Larry Holihan, Tina Crawn, Pam Brosonski, Joe Montfort, and Marie Johnson are on the budget committee. The meeting is open to council members who may want to attend.

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