SOTH Council Monthly Committee Report

Committee Name


Report Date


Items Discussed

Expenses in the General Fund exceed income by more than $10,000 in October.

Mortgage Balance as of November 1 is $ 169,341.12.

Reserves for Building/Capital Fund as of November 1:
Building Fund – $16,803.72
Major Bldg Fund $11,263.36
Capital Fund – $21,212.00
TOTAL – $49,279.08

Appreciation in the Raymond Jones Fund (due mainly to stock market appreciation):
Scholarship Fund – $ 405.27
Investment Fund – $1463.44

Outreach Contributions in October
Disaster Relief – $2,120.00
FNC $ 20.00
Change for Change $ 393.50


Church budget for 2020 was approved at the October council meeting.
New counters are being trained for weekly offering counting.
A new computer is being purchased for counters (old one unusable).

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